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Eco Friendly Granny Flat

Accessible Granny Flats and Eco-Friendly too

Accessible Granny Flats – and Eco-Friendly, at That.

When it comes to caring for sick or disabled elderly parents, people in countries like Spain and Portugal are more likely to take their parents into their own homes, rather than use any residential services that are available in their individual countries.  In England, residential care is higher on the agenda, as caring for a parent could mean giving up one’s job or travelling great distances, whilst trying to maintain an equal level of care for one’s spouse and children.  If only the distance wasn’t so great, or if only you could reduce your hours, to take on that extra responsibility, the problem could be solved more easily.

Maybe the distance is the most difficult factor as, if your mother or father lived closer, each member of the family could take some of the responsibility on board. However, there could be the issue of space, as not everyone can boast a room that is doing nothing.  A good option could be to make use of a recycled shipping container that can be made into a granny flat in quite a record time, as companies like My Space Pod can fit out these containers with all the mod-cons and address any special access needs at the same time, to make a perfect modular building for any single person that should have need to use it.

Planning for that Eco-Friendly Delivery.

Of course, it’s not just a case of having the fitted granny flat dropped into your back garden as, with all new constructions, planning permission needs to be sought. We all cringe at officialdom but My Space Pod’s site does an excellent job of delivering planning guidelines in a user-friendly format ( ).  At a glance, you can see what’s acceptable and what isn’t, so you can quickly decide if the shipping container home is a viable option. And while you’re busy getting on with life and the extra responsibility that the distance illness or disability has brought about, the experts on the My Space Pod team can address the paperwork and, once permission has been granted, the fitting and delivery of that granny flat can be done in as little as twenty six weeks.  Once in place, your life will become much more organised, as you will no longer be using your time to travel great distances or indeed filling your petrol tank more often, to dash from one responsibility to another.  This could be a win-win situation for everyone: the ailing or disabled individual gets closer attention and the younger family members can give instant support, without wondering how they are going to fit it in to their already busy day.  Such closeness will also have a positive psychological effect on all concerned, as reciprocal care really means a lot to all involved.