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A couple of months ago, I was reading about container homes and it gave me a wonderful feeling of nostalgia. My mind went back to caravans, Butlins and good times, because isn’t a container home another name for a caravan, just like plimsolls passed through sandshoes to become trainers?

Well, yes and no.

The caravans of yesteryear were the closest we could get to a holiday and, if we’re honest about it, they were hard work. There were no toilet or washing facilities and the water for drinking and cooking had to be carried in a flagon from the communal tap, maybe using wheels that you inherited from a pushchair or an old shopping bag on wheels. Waste water was caught in a bucket and had to be tipped down some drain or other. Heat was provided by way of a gas bottle and lighting came from the same. You couldn’t use the caravan in winter, because the weather was far too cold and, eventually, it rained in. Still, those were the days, or so we thought at the time.

Container homes may seem similar but they are much more state of the art. The first point is they have a much longer shelf life than caravans, boasting a sixty year lifespan, which takes into account possible demounting and relocation. Made from recycled shipping containers, these homes come in various sizes and can be designed to your own specifications. The size is 20’ x 8’ x 8’ 6″ high gives you 160 square feet of living space, ideal for permanent accommodation for a single person.  These recycled containers are also available in bigger sizes such as the spacious 40’ container (40’ x 8’ x 8’ 6″), which gives you 320 square feet of living space. The application of container homes has evolved so considerably, that it goes well beyond the caravan park application and the key modular building components can be stacked up and converted into comfortable holiday villas, or even luxury holiday lets. Prefabricated houses cut down on waiting time and, as portable buildings, they can be easily delivered and quickly operational.

By state of the art I mean that, unlike caravans, these container homes are eco-friendly, supporting the environment and our future. They are designed to manage diverse weather conditions and utilise the latest space age technology in insulation. They incorporate renewable energy systems and also re-cycle water for toilets and washing machines, via a water-harvesting system. Again, savings are being made on running costs.

Container homes don’t have to look like containers, as attractive cladding to the exterior can make them blend into the local landscape. Of course, there are rules as to where you can site them and, after a quick glance at one of the sites that specialises in container homes, I found the information to be very user-friendly. This gives us all a chance to understand the process and make informative decisions on how we can create a cleaner and better future for ourselves. Just like those caravans of my childhood, I have got a really warm feeling but, this time, for much better reasons.

Eco-pods leading the way in Care and Sustainability

In an overpopulated society crippled by environmental problems, locating space and energy efficient property is undeniably a great challenge. Fortunately, the environmentally conscious group My Space Pod is currently offering excellent nursing accommodation, which is guaranteed to meet all health and care needs. In today’s society, it’s very tempting to opt for ‘just any old source’ of accommodation, especially when funds are low. However, the nursing pods at My Space Pod surpass their competitors in all areas and provide a formidable and reliable source of accommodation for their patients. The possibilities are almost endless with My Space Pod.

The first advantage to My Space Pod nursing accommodation is that it is highly space efficient. The pods are developed from shipping containers, having gone through a thoroughly rigorous cleaning and adaption process. Care pods are fully wheelchair accessible and also include room for a reasonably sized and fully equipped bathroom. In fact, these pods are able to rival hospital rooms in size, without feeling cramped or claustrophobic. Perhaps most importantly of all, they are also reasonably priced and unobtrusive.

Furthermore, My Space Pod leads the way in terms of environmental concerns and sustainability. Their nursing and care pods are no exception to this. The latest and most effective forms of green technology are employed to prevent an excessive consumption of energy, in addition to a sophisticated solar heating system and even biomass boilers. As well as emitting significantly less harmful carbon emissions than their competitors, My Space Pods are highly flexible, in that new energy saving methods of the future can be quickly and easily installed.

Therefore, for those seeking a kind of nursing or care accommodation that delivers not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of sustainability and green power sources, the My Space Pods are an essential purchase. No other provider of nursing accommodation can ensure pods as flexible, reliable and eco-friendly as My Space Pod.

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